Wall Worm and Source

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Wall Worm and Source

Postby shawnolson on Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:25 pm

Time flies! It used to be I'd visit Interlopers several times a week. Now it's once or twice a year... :/

I just wanted to stop in and share a few tidbits for those who happen to be unfamiliar with Wall Worm or who have not kept up with it. You can now do the entire Source level design and art pipeline entirely inside 3ds Max. For those who master Max/WW, you can build all BSP geometry, models, materials, textures and more inside Max and never need to open extra editors/compilers, etc.

At this point most new serious projects are in other engines than Source. But for those still working in Source, Max/WW are your best friend.

There is a website called Hammered to the Max to help Hammer users start learning how to do Source engine tasks in Max.

There are now several outlets for interacting with other Max/WW users for help:

Here are some of the latest videos for helping new users understand Max as a level editor for Source.

More videos are coming. Next up will be the advanced displacement tools in WW.


Here are some miscellaneous modeling tool videos since the last time I posted here:

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