What has Jangalomph been up to? VFX stuff of course!

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What has Jangalomph been up to? VFX stuff of course!

Postby Jangalomph on Sat Oct 05, 2019 10:08 pm

Howdy old friends!

Some of you may recall that I was one of the very few guys who knew how to make particle effects in the source engine, and valve releasing those tools changed the course of my life!

Here we are some 12 years later, after first touching a particle editor. I founded a company called JangaFX in 2016 to solve the problems I faced when making VFX.

For years making flipbooks for explosions, smoke, and fire has been out of reach for most developers due to high pricing, and simulations + renders taking many hours or days. Typically a good flipbook might take a few weeks to get right, however we're working on solving this issue with real-time volumetric fluid simulations! After struggling to get my company off the ground for 3 years, we're finally close to launching our next product, EmberGen.

Here are a few videos showing what it does:


I now have 4 developers working for me and we're working hard to change the lives of many VFX and Tech artists in the industry.

https://jangafx.com/ is our website.

If you know any friends that might benefit from our tools, spread the word! :)
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Re: What has Jangalomph been up to? VFX stuff of course!

Postby srredfire on Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:55 am

Really impressive stuff Nick. You've come a long way. You should start pitching this to companies if you haven't already, as I'm sure a lot of dev teams big and small could benefit from tools as great as this. You never know what kind of antiquated practices or tools people are stuck with.

All of the demos and simulations you show look very professional. If i had anything worth a salt I'd definitely considering using what you have there. Keep it up and get some big names under your belt!
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