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Postby Armageddon on Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:09 am

That would be the awesomest thing ever Stormy. Here's a few random small models we need if you ever feel like it.

-Giraffe McMuff (You can make your own or try to duplicate Spike's)
-Muffin Bro (I forget his name or if we cut him)
-Victorian Velociraptor (All these models can look really bad besides the real world things like the coat hanger and pot)
-Coat hanger
-A pot with dirt and his one yellow Chrysanthemum stuck in it
-Same pot but empty with dirt traces on the inside
-Milk Gun (Replacement for the SMG probably, will need milk particles and replace bullet effects)
-Muffins and Cookie (OF ANY SIZE!!!)
-Ye Olde Top Hat with a Monocle hanging off the top
-A giant cookie jar that can float and shoot out enemies
-Cookie Monster (Probably for npc_zombie or fast zombie, only if you can think of a way to make it look cool, otherwise I'll stick with parenting a sprite to the npc's)

I'll add more if I think of some.
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Postby MaK on Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:12 pm

Armageddon wrote:I'd just like to inform everyone that KILLA-COW has handed the reigns of cookie mod over to me, you will see updates within the next few months.

hi arma, pls update on status. thx
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