Half-Life 2 Map Editing Optimization Guide


New site

If you are reading this, then you must have found this new site. Not much to tell really. The entire guide has been rewritten, and the site got a nice, new, slick design (thanks to Kolezan).
The guide has been divided into ten different chapters, to ease the loading process ( there are a lot more images now ) and offcourse for easier reading/searching.
I hope you all like the new look and the new guide, feel free to contact me if you have any additions for me to do. I still have some minor changes in mind, and still need to remake an example map, but this guide is already much better than the old one, so I decided to transfer to this right now.

\z@c - 01/10/06


If you have any additions to the list of affliates and linksy winksies, please contact me about it, and I will add 'em. It would help if you would supply the icon image though, I'm no good in Photoshop.

\z@c - 01/10/06

Hasta la vista

I no longer map. Nor will I update this site. Be my guest if you want to copy/paste this all and host it on your own server.

This site will remain online as long as uni doesn't suspend this account; which can be anywhere between one year and the end of times.

yo, live long and prosper. peace out

\z@c - 22/11/08

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