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About me

I'm Simon, I'm sixteen years old, and have been mapping for about four years. I started out with the Western mod, Western Revenge. After Western Revenge, I mapped for the medieval mod Atharon. I live in Belgium.


Interlopers contest, dod_lopers

I've made this for a contest here at Interlopers, with the theme 'Ruined'; being a contest map, it's not playable. Thanks to Jake Parlay for the skybox texture.

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Western Revenge, Mexico

This is a map I have made for the Western Revenge mod. It features a custom game type.

portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image


I've made this map for the Atharon mod. It's a small deathmatch map.

portfolio image portfolio image

Random church

I used this map to practise brushwork.

portfolio image portfolio image

Small deathmatch map, dm_impact

This was meant to be a deathmatch map, but I've only managed to finish one corridor.

portfolio image portfolio image


I can be contacted (email/msn) at portfolio image

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3.50 out of 5 (4 ratings)