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General Information

Name: Ed Wilkinson
Alias: Vor/Vorneus
Age: 23
Residence: Birmingham, UK
Contact: vorneus@hotmail.com

Mapping/Level Design

After getting to know Hammer World Editor in early September 2006, I started my first project - cs_ridge. The map has since been completed, and a selection of final screenshots are shown below. Some may take time to load depending on your connection speed.

portfolio imageportfolio imageportfolio image
portfolio imageportfolio imageportfolio image
portfolio imageportfolio imageportfolio image
portfolio imageportfolio imageportfolio image

This map is available on request (please email vorneus@hotmail.comif you are interested) although I have not set it up for download anywhere. The navigation mesh is customised allowing bots/hostages to move comfortably around all playable areas. The reason this map has not been officially released is that the map turned out as more of a showcase of my ability in Hammer as an environmental artist, and as a result of too much detail and a very open setting, the map runs too slowly on most machines (my own included) to play with any more than a few players. The file size is also fairly large due to custom content and detailed lightmaps.


Current Project: de_fusion (CS:S)

The alpha layout of this map has gone through extensive testing in both 5v5 match play and 24 player public play. I have observed the flow of the map during play and made adjustments and additions accordingly. The layout is now final, and I have completed optimisation. All that's left is to detail areas to the best of my ability, without sacrificing performance on a full server.


Setting: Early morning in the height of Siberian summer.

Location: A covert installation in Southern Siberia which is key to weapons research, military intelligence, and communications between East and West.

Counter-Terrorists: Terrorists plan to sabotage the base by destroying either the loading depot where essential supplies are delivered, or the operations bunker through which all communications are routed. You must prevent this at all costs.

Terrorists: Your two targets are the loading depot (A) and operations bunker (B). A bomb detonation at either location will disrupt base functions long enough to allow blueprints of a prototype intelligent missile to be seized from the research lab.

Below is a screenshot of the lower floor of the engineering building - detail is almost complete for this area.

portfolio image

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