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My name is Jordan “SgtJman” Russell. I live in the wonderful city or Perth, Western Australia. I’m 16-years-old and currently in year 12 at Carine Senior High School, I have optimistic plans to continue my education into tertiary studies in Civil Engineering

I’ve always been interested in how things work, be it my first computer game, a 2d sandbox by the name “Creatures”, or even a fire alarm, which stopped after the radiation warnings, and my parent’s phone (which I fixed by the way). Finally leading to the source engine, which I have mastered in pretty much all areas except modeling, though I can compile models.

I first began to map late 2003, for the GoldSrc engine. From there I moved to the Source engine and have become better and better creating levels such as the examples which follow.

I am the leader of my own Half-Life 2 modification, entitled “The Corporation” , which follows the story of a man running because he knows too much of what he shouldn’t. I am responsible for the story, level concepts, script, level design, code, model compiles, choreography and character models. Work on the mod has been going for over a year and there is a lot of progress. Although the initial release estimate of 2007 will be pushed back due to how occupied I am with school.

I’m also doing level design for “Dark Source” , a Half-life 2 modification set in a post apocalyptic future where a breakthrough which was meant to save the world ends up damning it. I’m in charge of designing “Labs” the first level in the game where much of the story is unraveled and the action begins.

Looking for full time work: no
Looking for mod work: no

Competent in:
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Valve Hammer 4.1
- Optimization
- AI Control
- Miscellaneous entities
Macromedia Flash 8
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
Autodesk 3ds max (to a degree)
Source Scripts
- Soundscapes
- NPC sound
- Weapons

portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image

portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image

The Corporation
Dark Source

Portal Jordash (map)

Lighting Tutorial

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