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13/11/08 17

Name: Kane Forrester
Age: 20
Location: Staffordshire, England
Contact: Kaneth [at] Gmail [dot] com

Looking for Work: Next Year
Available for Mod Work: Fraid Not
Progression of Beng Games Design: 2nd Year

Upon researching a career in computer games design I came to understand that the industry is not an easy one to break into. I am currently studying (Beng) Computer Games Design degree course, where I am developing my skills in many of the areas needed to successfully work within the industry.

My personal qualities include good team working skills, reliability, and good sense of humour. I feel a sense of humour and fun is essential to working in the entertainment industry and especially the interactive entertainment sector.

My work is viewable:
My skills include:

3DSMax 7 and 9 (Poly Modelling, Low Poly, UVW, Radiosity, Bump Mapping, Plane Modelling + More)
Zbrush, Zmapper and Zapplink
Maya (Basic Skills)
Unreal Ed (Competant in all UT2k4 gametypes)
Source / Hammer (Intermediate/Advanced User)
Website Creation (Dreamweaver)
Photoshop (Texture creation to specification)
Paint Shop Pro (Texture Creation to specification)
Suited Motion Capture and Optical Motion Capture (Data Capture, Analysis, Clean Up and MotionBuilder)
Level Design Documentation (Planning and Designing a Level/Game to Specification)
Game Production (Half Life 2 Mod according to Design Documentation)
Basic Manga Drawing and Artwork (Concepts and principles of anime and human drawing)

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3.00 out of 5 (1 ratings)