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03/07/11 26

I'm pleased to announce a brand new feature that myself and zombie@computer have been working on:

The Interlopers Portfolio section.

We've taken the idea of posting forum threads for portfolios a bit further and you can now enjoy the following features:

  • Ability to filter through the portfolios with a variety of search options, including recently edited.
  • Display the portfolio thread in the Interlopers site template.
  • Keeping comments separate from the presentation of the portfolio.
  • Portfolio authors can now add themselves to various categories.
  • New Rating system - Portfolios can be rated and then sorted by the rating.

Please check out the following links:

Example Portfolio - including BBCode examples
Guidelines thread - Explains all the things you need to know.

Existing portfolio authors!

It is highly recommended you go through your portfolio and update the categories that suit your line of expertise. Also consider changing the way your images are displayed to suit your preference. Use of thumbnail is highly recommended. The example portfolio may give you some ideas.

I want a portfolio!

Please see the details in this thread on how to obtain a portfolio thread.


We've tried to iron out all major issues with this new part of the site, but as always things slip through, so please let us know if anything isn't quite right.

Please leave any other comments or feedback in this thread, and enjoy the new feature! <!-- s:-) --><img src="" alt=":-)" title="" /><!-- s:-) -->

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