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I'm teenager from Finland, experienced with Hammer Editor and Paint Shop Pro. Since 2005 I've been practicing game modding, beginning from the low-detailed Counter-Strike 1.6 skins, to stratch-made pieces of 3D art.

One day I saw all the great customizations of Half-Life-based games, and got an illusion to my mind how maybe I could learn to create such things, and even better than them! I looked at all those well-made CS1.6 maps and HL1 mods, and so it began.

I started from reskinning existing models in CS1.6, such as the weapons and player characters. A few have survived and oh, there have actually been people using them and liking them!

As I begin my portfolio, I would like to list some good things about me:

-Experienced knownledge of Hammer Editor, mostly on entities and displacement work
-Simple knownledge on porting models and textures from game to game
-Texture creation experience using Paint Shop Pro programs
-Good skills with Sony Vegas video editor
-Imagination and will to make unique and original maps


June 1st 2007

gm_Forest was my first so-called quality map. I had released a few before it, but they had been either ports or very messed up maps. The map was based of a Finnish national park of Nuuksio, and captured the feeling well.

portfolio image portfolio image

Overall, the map was a success, by the time of the release there were no environmental maps for Garry's Mod, and for weeks all the forest images and comics were all done in this map. Later on, as maps like de_forest came out the map lost it's glory, but it's still very played.

December 1st 2007

gm_Winterforest was a map I worked on for a long time. It was a winter version of gm_Forest, as people may guess already, but it was also expanded, there were secrets to discover and it was really fun to cruise around with airboat. I used realistic ice effects on the map, so that they make you slide, have refractions etc.

portfolio image portfolio image

This map was also a success, great feedback was given and I heard people had really had nice times on the map, finding the 3 hidden snowmen and driving around. The map also brought back attention for the forgotten gm_Forest.

March 17 2008

As months passed from gm_Winterforest I hadn't gotten any map released. On March 17 of 2008 I made a double-release, the community was presented 2 totally original and never-seen-before maps for Garry's Mod. The other one was gm_Radiactivno.

portfolio image portfolio image

The map was built of materials from the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but rather being just something to look at, it offered actual gameplay against the actual bad guys from the original game!

March 17 2008

The other part of my mapping doublefeature, was a huge pirate ship map called Caribbean_Queen. The map was really old but I had wrapped it up for release just a few days before. It was for nothing but posing and the looks, the ship offered no gameplay but it looked great and also, was the only good available pirate ship map.

portfolio image portfolio image

The map has remained the least succesful of all, but it had the looks and the name of a popular pop song!

June 1st 2008

The release I've been really proud of. With dozens of people waiting for the release through the whole May, requesting and suggesting, the map was released on June 1st 2008, exactly a year after the original gm_Forest map had been released. The map was 1/3 larger than the original, and attention was paid on almost every corner.

portfolio image portfolio image

The map was a huge success, it brought up the name Stene in the mapping section of Facepunchstudios, my ranking got really large boost in FPSBanana and people commented the map in really positive ways.

June 17th 2008

After gm_Forest2008 it was time for a change, I wanted to make something different from the usual vegetation scenary. I started making a 3D version of Lenin's Mausoleum, and after hours of work on the textures and brushwork, it was finally done. Life-sized and almost like the real one, except a little changes. After that I presented it to the communities, and I decided to make the rest of the Red Square.

portfolio image portfolio image

The map was brilliant time to test some scripting skills, I made a Soviet soldier march through the square. By pressing a button at the mausoleum, a whole parade starts with the Soviet Anthem on the background and the flags waving at the air! The map was well-liked because of it's original theme, but the detail and lack of features didn't give it much popularity and it hasn't gotten much downloads.

June 18th 2008

gm_Themepark was released right after gm_RedSquare. It was the revival of the old HL2 Kids project from 2005, and was also a deleted scene from my failed roleplay-map project. The map had working rollercoaster, which was well-detailed, bouncehouse, "Minge Wheel" and else. The detail was great and it was really fun, but it was done by a long list of people, it isn't a one-man-work.

portfolio image portfolio image

gm_Themepark got massive popularity not even 24 hours of it's release, it was advertised on the front page of FPSBanana and also was downloaded thousands of times. It really wasn't what was expected, and gave some confusion as people were so happy about the map!


CS 1.6 Angry Farmer and Biker Leet
-- -- 2006

My only CS1.6 skins that are still around, the names tell everything. They were replacements for the Terrorist team, and not much of a success. The Biker Leet was a texture hack of GTA:SA jacket and the Leet jacket in CS, and the Angry Farmer was...well ANGRY FARMER. I used TXD Workshop, Paint Shop Pro and then Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer.

portfolio image

Soviet Gasmask Soldier
June 19th 2008

The GP-5 gasmask was originally ported by me from Paranoia mod, then made as a prop for Garry's Mod. Snood_1990 hacked it to this jacket and rigged it as Metrocop replacement for Half-Life 2. The model is real creepy, when seen around the HL2 trainstation areas.

portfolio image

Josif Stalin
July 10th 2008

This is a reskin for Father Grigori, made to look like Stalin. I used reference pics of Stalin himself, and then spent a few hours on the skin. I think the result was good, for just a reskin.

portfolio image


I wrote up this, uhm, little portfolio to tell the people of my past work and if anyone is interested in them or has something to ask then go on. Most of my work is found on FPSBanana,, if not all then in my profile,

About the future, I am soon going to release a singleplayer adventure based on Berlin Wall, and also a Gorilla <!-- s:D --><img src="" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D --> Stay tuned!!

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