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Name : Kyle J. Gagliardo
Location : Illinois - United States
Age : 21
Goals : Gain an expert level in graphic design, and pursue a career in the entertainment industry as a digital artist.

I'm a 21 year old who's biggest ambition is to learn off my mistakes until I sooner or later dissipate all doubts in myself for the job at hand regarding whatever I put my mind to. There's a lot of subjects I haven't touched up on in full, but my main areas of study are primarily (almost anything) dealing with Photoshop, from simple graphics, textures, to photo manipulations - and this skill also leaks over to web design, which in it's own is a study of itself. Aside from understanding the way that Photoshop works, I also have an educated understanding of HTML/CSS mark-up, and have twiddled a bit in 3D applications such as 3D Studio Max, and Valve's level editor (Hammer/WorldCraft). My 3DSM education ranges from basic knowledge of how to create a 3D scene, and animation.

I'm completely retarded when syntax comes into play, but I figure by maintaining a substantial focus on designing I can overcome my lack of programming skill so that I am an essential part of team or business.

Anyways, here's some of my previous works - none near perfect but some of them could be the stepping stones leading to where I want to go.

Graphic Designs and Manipulations
Content in this area ranges in a loose timeframe going from oldest to newest.

2004-2008 Works
portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image

2009 Works
portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image

Web Designs
The majority of these are not live anymore, or never were and just emulated through WAMP.

portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image

3D Model Textures
While not the greatest pieces of work I've ever done, I feel as if they should be mentioned since I did effectively texture the models and compile them to custom animations.

portfolio image portfolio image

Currently having issues getting my old screenshots from I'll update this thread when I manage to get my hands on the images. I don't have CS:S installed at the moment or else I would just go take new screenies...

3D Models
Another laughable section of this thread, but again - a display that I do in-fact know 3DSM well enough to create at least a simple model.

portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image


As the previous content in my portfolio shows, I had my hands in a project called "Delusion:Source". The project unfortunately hit a dead end stop when school kicked back into session and members stopped focusing on the mod...
The mod is still considered more, dormant, than dead though. So there's always a chance it could start development again in the near future.

If you would like to slightly lurk around previous works, you can find the mod at...



Adobe Photoshop - CS2/CS3/CS4 - 5 Years of experience
3D Studio Max - 2009 - Minimal Experience
MS Notepad! - My general tool for web design! :D
Macromedia/Adobe DreamWeaver - I don't use it often, but I know how to use it...

I also have experience in other various applications that are essential for a projects completion, such as VTF Editor, MilkShape 3D, and Texporter.


Additional Information
Aside from design in general, I'm also keen on being a "make it work" person. Computer and application maintenance are a secondary skill for me. I can troubleshoot intermediate computer errors for users, using a series of tools and general vocal walk through of a diagnostic routine. Some applications also have errors running in particular environments, and I can also find solutions or workarounds to get said troublesome application to run - also through vocal, or VNC methods.

The only other thing I can do aside from the above, and is completely off topic - is that I've been known to be the walking metal music catalog :D ranging from mainstream to underground, all it normally takes is a line of vocals for me to tell you artist, cd, and most likely year released. lol.

Contact and External Links
If you need to, you may contact me through one or more of the following mediums.
STEAM/X-Fire/AIM/YIM - Sebhael
MSN/Hotmail - sebhaelAThotmailDOTcom
eMail - sebhaelATgmailDOTcom

Not all of my submissions have been shown in this portfolio, if you would like a complete back history of almost everything I've ever worked on, please check out the following areas.

deviantArt (OLD)

Thank you for stopping by my portfolio on Interlopers! If you have any questions or comments please go ahead and ask, or contact me via one of the above methods.

Thanks again!

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