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21/06/10 16

Nametag: Killswitch
Location: Finland
Age: 17

I've been modding for a long time in many forms. Mainly I focus on designing and composing music and sound effects for small indie movies/videos, mods and just for my own pleasure. I also master video editing in professional quality softwares such as Pinnacle and Sony vegas and I use image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop fluently. Writing scripts, stories and synopses for movies and games is something I like to do aswell. I am rather skillful with a pen and a paper, which is why I like to draw concept art as my hobby.

As an audio artist I am very flexible and can produce a variety of music from oppressive combat music to calm ambient music & everything in between.

Contact: infinite.sound@hotmail.comor via PM

Previous work examples:

Casualties of war

Interstellar confrontation

Haven cluster

Surrounded by hostiles

Argon occurrence

On the edge of universe

Mu Cephei Nebulae

Dry Ice

I also composed a song named World torn apart for Ubernoobs mod Wasteland: Aftermath. To hear the song you have to play the mod!

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4.00 out of 5 (3 ratings)