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Name: Tero Knuutinen
Contact: au-heppa@hlssmod.netLocation: Finland
Age: 24
Interested in: Finding a job on the gaming industry.

I started experimenting with Level Design first time with the original Wolfenstein 3D level editor. I went crazy over Duke Nukem 3d's Build. I wasn't a big part of Half-Life 1 community, but when Half-Life 2 came out, I started experimenting with the SDK right away. As I already knew how to code with C++ I looked into how the AI works in Source. After I found out that the XSI Mod Tool was free I started to teach myself how to model.

Human Error: In Human Error Episode One I was the lead designer. I did pretty much everything from coding, modelling, level design, texturing, and to putting the mod together. I am currently working on designing HE Episode Two, as well as Human Error Co-op (which includes the Traitor Mode).

Some of my skills:

  • C++ and a lot of experience with things like AI, weapons, vehicles, and hud in Source
  • Modelling, texturing, animating in Softimage's XSI Mod Tool
  • Photoshop
  • Hammer (especially entity work), Face Poser, and generally scripting things like NPC response rules
  • Designing a mod, its story and gameplay, from the start

I created all the NPCs in Human Error myself from the scratch (with the exception of the concept and sound). Making the model in XSI, texturing it, animating it, and the bringing it into life with code, is perhaps one of the things I enjoy the most, with creating gameplay and working on Faceposer.

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Note that the maps (and particularly their aesthetics) in Human Error were a collaboration of multiple level designers.

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You can download Human Error from our website or Moddb page. In Human Error you play as a Civil Protection officer against the Xenians (Vortigaunts, Alien Grunts, and Alien Controllers). As your help you have things like a drivable Combine APC, controllable Manhacks, the rest of the Civil Protections team, and more. All these are to create a new experience in the Half-Life universe.

Human Error Co-op is my latest project. It started as an attempt to make my own AI Director (or atleast dynamic NPC spawning) like in L4D. Later after playing the Battlestar Galactica board game came Traitor Mode. I did coding, gameplay design, and made the second map, tr_leech, that you can see in the final part of the video.

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3.80 out of 5 (5 ratings)