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Name: Phil "Noodles"/"Tux" Jones
Location: UK
Age: 23
Goals: To work as a game artist in Europe


Sky City

Experiments with V-Ray and Greeble modifier. (Warning: Large Image)

portfolio image

Handley-Page Halifax

Work in progress creation of a World War Two era Handley-Page Halifax heavy bomber, in standard RAF colours.

A selection of images showing progress from the basic shape through to detail addition and texture/lighting tweaks.

portfolio imageportfolio imageportfolio imageportfolio imageportfolio image

M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon

Created this as a way to learn how to model using subdivision and turbosmoothing.

portfolio image

Stargate Legacy

Various weapons I have created for the Stargate Legacy mod.

portfolio imageportfolio imageportfolio imageportfolio image


Work in progress map for above mod.

portfolio imageportfolio imageportfolio image

Headgear Animation

Animation of a helmet that folds away (for Stargate Legacy).

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4.33 out of 5 (6 ratings)