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Name: Juston Griggs
Age: 31
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Email: [email=jginfl@cfl.rr.com:ffrdg0a1]jginfl@cfl.rr.com[/email:ffrdg0a1]
Steam: webc0der
MSN: jginfl@live.com
A Little Bit About Me
Hello, My name is Juston, I am married, having a wonderful wife & beautiful daughter, and I am self employed, having a successful computer repair business.

I began getting into level design a few years ago. I started out with the basics of SourceSDK & Hammer, and have completed some pretty decent looking maps. I am by no means an expert mapper yet, and im still improving my skills. I also create a lot of my own textures to use in the things I create. I am looking forward to starting school in the spring to focus on Web/Graphic Design and Game Design. I am also currently in the process of learning a little about doing custom models and things of that nature. I am an avid gamer, and I play many different styles of games. But my passion lies with HL2DM.

Most of the maps I have done have been killbox style maps for Deathmatch. Although more recently I am expanding out into doing more "outdoor themed" maps, kind of along the lines of what you might find in CS, or TF2.

1997 Graduate of Humboldt High School

Currently enrolled in Devry University for the upcoming 2011 school year, course of study will be an Associates in Web/Graphic Design with minor studies in Game Design.

- Hammer Editor (3+years)
- Adobe Photoshop (5+years)
- Frontpage/Dreamweaver (5+years)
- php/mysql/html (5+years)
- Maya/Google Sketchup (5-7 months)

Current Projects
- Currently Working on a Holiday Themed Map for HL2:DM

- Founder and member of the Shoot To Kill Clan

I am available to join a mod team as a level designer/texture designer, although I have not done anything with mods yet, this is something I wouldn't mind doing as part of a mod team.

Completed Maps
(In order with most recent first)


portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image


portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image

- Unfinished Maps -
(Things I started and never finished for one reason or another)

I thought I had a good thing going with this one layout wise. I only gave up after I couldn't decide how i wanted to lay out the interiors. Maybe one day i will pick this back up & finish it

portfolio image portfolio image portfolio image

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2.50 out of 5 (2 ratings)