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12/06/12 67

[attachment=3:ohvpmrwx]<!-- ia3 -->01.jpg<!-- ia3 -->[/attachment:ohvpmrwx]We're small team created by young but experienced artists. Our main areas are 3d character concept, modeling and animation. We have characters with switchable armor parts, mobs like dragon, hydra and goblins :D


Today marks the 1st Year Anniversary of The 3dFoin model shop and to celebrate properly, we are

holding an 50% off shop-wide sale! Yayyy :D It’s one year later and we still can’t believe the support and

encouragement we’ve received from all of you. Just to say thanks, our entire shop is:

- And 50% off all items
from June 11th Until June 17th!!!

Don't miss this out pals :D Yayyy!


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2.92 out of 5 (12 ratings)