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11/05/14 9

Name: Mitchell "Obsidiaguy" Lucas
Location: USA
Age: 30
Email: mitchell.s.lucas@gmail.com
I've recently started really pursuing voice acting. I'm looking to build up a nice resume, and perhaps voice act for a living helping out with independent games, other independent and professional productions, and audio book narration. I am studying music production at a state college in a 'hands on' program. Because of this, I have a thorough understanding of mic placement and recording techniques, signal flow, and digital signal processing. I'm constantly trying to enhance the quality of the recordings I produce, and hope to add a sense of professionalism with my product to your mods/productions that will keep on par with their quality.

*UPDATE -May 2014-*
I've graduated with an Associate Degree in Audio Production and have voiced a lot of awesome indie games. My new sound design/voiceover reel showcases some sound design I've done as well for a recent project that went to kickstarter.

You can find my portfolio site here: http://www.mitchellslucas.com
Here's my newest demo reel:

NEW DEMO REEL (May 2014)

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4.00 out of 5 (2 ratings)