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18/01/13 8

Hey all,

Just showing off a few of myself and some latest and most presentable level design work. IMG tags are disabled for some reason, so I'll come back and sort the links out again at a later date! :)

A bit about me... I'm 23 years old and based in Cambridgeshire, UK. I currently work in in the games industry in digital distribution and publishing however have my eyes set elsewhere in a professional level design position.
I've been designing levels since about 2003 when a teacher introduced me to worldcraft, since then I've been designing levels in my spare time for nearly every source engine game around. I graduated from University at Anglia Ruskin nearly 3 years ago where I studied Game design and animation.

I just have the three levels to show off right now, starting with the latest.

Portal 2
This is the first act in a series of Portal 2 levels, designed as an intro.

CS: GO - ar_square
This is an Arms race map for Counter Strike: Go. I got fed up of playing on dull 'dev texture' arms race maps and wanted to design a decent arms race map that was also pleasing to the eye.

Team Fortress 2 - pl_warehouse
My intention with this level was to recreate part of my workplace as a Team Fortress 2 Payload level. However after realising where I worked was incredibly dull I decided to tart up the level and make it fit more with the TF2 style.

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3.00 out of 5 (2 ratings)