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Name: Spencer "Kronophonix" Leigh
Location: Canada
Age: 21
Links: DeviantArt

Me, Myself, & I
a short story

I am a fiddler, tinkerer, and experimental by heart. In 2004 I started teaching myself design programs such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop to make personal websites for game clans. In '07 I stumbled upon Garry's Mod which allowed for so much exploration in game design that I took up coding and mapping into my self taught endeavor. Since then I have partially finished many levels, website templates, and even had successful gaming communities.

What I want out of the things I spent my spare time learning is to create something timeless that no matter how advanced games and graphics get, people will remember it. Whether it was the art, the flow, the drama, or the play value, aspects of games that are memorable make way for better games in the future.

Some day I will be a level designer, logo & branding artist, or website designer. I aspire to design.

Rough & Polished
these are my works

Hammer Editor
Hammer Editor

Project Bioshock Rehash

    This was a project I took on when Garry's Mod did not include any other games except Half Life 2. The purpose of the project was to recreate the type of environmental feel Bioshock had, while only using textures from HL2 and brushwork. There are little to no models used, specifically all brushes, some converted in Propper.

    *note: lighting, brushwork, details all unfinished.

Hallway Agnle 2
Main Floor
Sub Station
Station Office
Station Platform
Main Hall
Main Hall Angle 2
Securis Door
Ocean View

"____The last two images show the underwater effect I achieved. ( may not look so good in the screenshot, but the effect was realistic ) This was done using func_dustmotes in combination with func_dustclouds.
____I used the func_dustcloud to simulate the murky effect of looking out into a deep sea, and set the speed of the clouds low because you shouldn't see much motion from a large body of water.
____The func_dustmotes will represented small dirt and other particles floating around catching light so I set the speed of this slightly higher than that of the dust cloud. It should look like little particles are floating around a deep ocean view, if done correctly.
____Textures with reflections for underwater rock formations can help atmosphere even more, although you wouldn't see wetness on rock underwater, it helps the feel. Play with the colors for desired effect, but try to keep the dust motes a brighter color than that of the dust clouds.

Realistic Underwater Tutorial
coming soon...


Project Postnuke

    I started building this map for a team that was working with a post nuclear roleplay mod. It was going to be a secluded town that survived a nuclear blast. It needed to be minimalist so as not to be too hard to render. Keeping that in mind I wasn't allowed to go all out on detail. This is a building from that project.

Halfway House
HH Roof
HH Broken
HH Front
Ground Zero
Old Plumbing
Safe Living
Front Again

This portfolio is a working project, I will add to it regularly...

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