Interlopers Staff

The people that keep this place alive, just..

  • Blink - Site Owner/Builder/Administrator/Gimp

    Pays the bills, messes with code, posts the news and generally looks after the place. Should have grey hair by now because of the stress of it all, but is ginger so is currently hiding from the public and sunlight.

  • Athlete{UK} - Forum Moderator

    Rules the forums with an iron padlock and miserable face and can smell a derailed thread from 100 yards. He's also very good at drawing and having serious discussions. Throw him a Cherry Bakewell however, and he'll giggle like a girl.

  • Jest@ - Forum Moderator & Design Section caretaker

    As old as Interlopers itself, Jest@ maintains the forums but rarely comes out of the Design Section as he is too busy doing a sterling job in making sure everyone has brilliant map battles to participate in.

  • zombie@computer - PHP genius

    Zombie basically knows everything about every coding language there is, and was the man behind everything PHP that Interlopers runs on. He now spends his time being bothered by Blink for backend coding help.