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  1. Easy random entity rotation

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    Have you ever had a model such as a tree which you need to rotate each time you add it? Here is a simple way.
    1) Open a new file in hammer.
    2) Create your entity/model and place it just below the map origin as shown in the picture below:
    Tip image
    3) Go to the right hand bar and click the tick-box to give it a random yaw (rotation). This means that each time you place the prefab, it will rotate from above randomly.
    Tip image
    4) Click 'Create Prefab'.
    5) Save the file with any name you wish in sourcesdk/bin/<engineName>/bin/prefabs
    where <engineName> is either ep1 or orangebox depending on which game you are mapping for.
    Tip image
    6) To use your prefab, select the entity tool, then in the same box as 'Create Prefab' click the 'Categories' drop-down list and select prefab. Then in the 'Objects' drop-down list select the prefab you just made. Place like a normal entity.

    Enjoy <!-- s:D --><img src="https://www.interlopers.net/forum/images/smilies/icon_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D -->

    Category: Hammer

    Tip submitted by NoFace

  2. Scaling Vertices

    Tip Rating: 2.00

    If you press Alt + E while in Vertex Edit Mode, you can scale your vertices. You can change where they scale from too. (Make sure you have some selected first)

    Category: Hammer

    Tip submitted by Lord Ned

  3. Realism vs. Suspense of Disbelief

    Tip Rating: 1.00

    When a player starts up a game, they already know it isn't real. The point here is that any environment must therefore attempt to remove that idea from the player. That means just because you have seen a 200 foot long brick wall in real life, does not mean it will look good in-game. It is therefore important to get others opinions on your level to keep in check the Suspense of Disbelief you have attempted to create.

    Category: Miscellaneous

    Tip submitted by Rocket_Robinhood

  4. Wildcard Texture Searching

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    Use a semi-colon as a wildcard when searching for textures. Consider that you want to find the the generic, tileable dev textures. They are called 'dev/dev_measuregeneric01' and 'dev/dev_measuregeneric01b'. You know they're in the dev/ folder and end in generic, but nothing else. Use the code:


    and there you go! All textures in the dev folder that end in generic. Or perhaps you're looking for the tools skybox texture, called tools/toolsskybox. Type


    and it'll show up.

    Category: Textures

    Tip submitted by Zecrah

  5. Texture Flipping

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    You can flip textures by using negative values in the texture scale section on the face edit sheet tool. Put a negative X value to flip the texture horizontally, and a negative Y value to flip it vertically. For example, if you have a 'fake' brush door using the door textures, the handle will appear on opposite sides of the door. Making the texture scale of the X value on one side negative will correct this.

    Category: Textures

    Tip submitted by Zecrah

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