Disco Light Effect

First of all make a room

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Now we gonna greate an arch as shown here.

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When we have that just turn your arch horizontaly

Now make it func_rotating by using the to-entity button (CTRL + T)

Now only thing we need to change is the name, call it rot1

When we have that choose point_spotlight from the object selection.

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Then place it on your func_rotating

Make sure the spotlight are facing the correct direction.

(you'll see yellow stripes if you click on an spotlight in 2D view, the yellow stripe shows where the light is facing.)

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Then select all your point_spotlights (by holding your CTRL key) and then right click in 2D view ->Properties

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Then click on spotlight length and change 500 to 1000 and click on parent and type rot1

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Now deselect all spotlights and select 2 spotlights, then go to properties again then click colour > pick colour and use your favourite colour.

In this tut I'll use blue for these 2 spotlights

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Then select the other 2 spotlights and choose another colour

Now go to your properties of your func_rotating and go to flags,
check start on and x-axis (you can also check y-axis)

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Ok we're almost finishted you only need to put a dim light in your map, select the light entity and place it above your func_rotating, go to brightness and make it black

Now your disco light should work.

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