Transparent Textures

This tutorial was made for ease. So I will try to make it as clear as possible with out any unnecessary steps.

What you should know:

How to make basic textures
basic knowledge of photoshop

Im using Photoshop CS, im sure most photoshops lower then this will still work. On to the tutorial!

Step1: Open photoshop, create a new file (im using 512x512), if theres anything in the layer erase it, if you cant erase it, make a new layer and delete the one with stuff in it.

news post image

Step2:create a simple shape

news post image

The following steps are the hard parts

Step3: Now Ctrl+Click on the layer that has the simpile shape, it should make a dashed outline around the shape.

news post image

Step4: On the bottom right of photoshop there is a box, that has 3 tabs, click on the middle one title "Channels"

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Step5: Add a new channel

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Your screen should look like this now

news post image

Step6: Color in the shape white. Note: anything white in the alpha layer will show up, anything black will be transparent. anything grey will be see through.

news post image

Now make sure all the channels are visible

news post image

Save & compile your texture like you normaly do, i named it simpleShapeTexture

Except make your .vmt file like this

"$Translucent" 1
"$baseTexture" "custom/simpleShapeTexture"
"$nocull" 1

Put it in your map and check it out!!

news post image

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