CS Radar Overview

In this tutorial I will be explaining the simple process behind making your newly created overview work in the radar minimap, the small green bit at the top left of the player's HUD.

First of all I will presume you have an overview created for the map already, if you are unsure on this process then make sure you read this extensive guide on creating an overview.

Head back here once you have the overview created and working in game.

So in this example I have my overview created:

news post image

Now you have this all we need to do is give it a nice green hue. I did this by opening the image in Photoshop and duplicating the background so that it is a layer, then right click the layer and head into Blending Options and choosing Blend Mode - Darken and then a green colour of your choice, also lower the opacity.

news post image

news post image

Once we have done this save it as a .jpeg or .tga file and call it your_map_radar.jpeg

For example the above overview was for cs_office07 so my normal overview would be called cs_office07.vtf and the radar would need to be called cs_office07_radar.vtf

Using a tool called VTF Edit, open the files and save them as their respective .vtf names and also create two .vmt files to accompany them (VTF Edit will do this and then you can edit the .vmt yourself afterwards) using the following code:

"$translucent" "1"
"$basetexture" "overviews/cs_office07_radar"
"$vertexalpha" "1"
"$vertexcolor" "1"
"$no_fullbright" "1"
"$ignorez" "1"

Note the section in bold on the above, this will be the only difference in the two .vmts but make sure you remember to change them otherwise you will load the colour version in the minimap window and all your friends will point and laugh and throw turkish delights at your face, not a good outcome.

So to re-cap you should now have two .vtf files of the same overview but one with a green overlay and they should be named accordingly, eg:

cs_awesome.vtf (normal overview)
cs_awesome_radar.vtf (minimap overview)

To go with these you should have two .vmt files also:


Remember to ensure the paths to the image are correct inside the .vmt

Once you're all done then just shove these files into this folder.

Steam\steamapps\your-email\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\overviews

Once that's done run the map and enjoy never getting lost again!


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