Adding water has caused some problems to quite alot of the Source editing community. In this tutorial I will show you how to add water into your map.

To start off you need the area where you are going to have your water. As shown below, I am using a very basic area.

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To make the water you must first have a brush which must be textured on every side with "tools/toolsnodraw". This brush is going to be the size and shape of your water.

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Next select the texture application tool and apply the water texture you want to use to the top face of the nodraw brush. I am going to use "liquids/water_pretty1". When you have done this, it should look something similar to this.

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This is where the problems tend to occur. Most people would now just compile and in-game would get this rather nasty purple tinge.

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To stop this happening, we must select our entity tool and click anywhere within the map. When the entity is still selected, press alt+enter and a dialog box will appear. From the list choose "env_cubemap" and leave the settings on their default. Your map will look similar to that of below.

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Thats it done. When you compile the map and open it, the water should look like this.

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Example map


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