CS: Source Ladders

This is a very short and simple tutorial to explain how to add ladders into your maps.

Start off with having somewhere where you want the ladder to go. In this example I will be creating a link between to rooms.

Now that we have our location, we next have to create our brush. This brush will be our ladder and should stretch from the ground floor to the first floor as shown below.

news post image

Next you can apply a ladder texture to it. To do this open up the texture browser, type in ladder for the filter, and you will see one come up called metalladder001a, double-click it and apply it to the brush. You may have to allign the texture.

With the ladder selected, press ctrl+t to tie the brush to an entity. From the dialog box, select func_ladder

news post image

Thats it done. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the forums.

Contributed by SiLenTDeaTH

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