HL2 Skyname

Click the skyname to see an image of it in-game.

sky_borealis01 // a rather cool looking overcast dusk sky

sky_day01_01 // a dull overcast sky
sky_day01_04 // similar to above but less overcast
sky_day01_05 // a nice sunset yellow looking sky
sky_day01_06 // getting to dusk very orange
sky_day01_07 // similar to above but more orange
sky_day01_08 // only a small bit of sun on the horizon, the rest dark
sky_day01_09 // night sky

sky_day02_01 // a light blue kind of sky
sky_day02_02 // a bright sunny sky
sky_day02_03 // similar to above
sky_day02_04 // similar to above
sky_day02_05 // getting more overcast and dark
sky_day02_06 // evening sunset, no orange, getting dark
sky_day02_07 // similar to above
sky_day02_09 // similar to above
sky_day02_10 // very bright early morning kind of sky

sky_day03_01 // dark early morning wasteland kind of sky
sky_day03_02 // similar to above
sky_day03_03 // similar to above
sky_day03_04 // similar to above
sky_day03_05 // simlar but much lighter to the above
sky_day03_06 // dark grungy evening sky

sky_wasteland02 // default sky


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