In this tutorial you will learn how to make a rope. This can also be used as a cable between lights, phone line and many other similar objects.

Start off with the area you would like your rope to go.

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Next select your entity tool and place the entity where you would like the rope to start from. While the entity is select, press alt+enter and select move_rope from the list. You may have to adjust the entity's position.

Now place another entity where you want your rope to end. While the entity is selected, press alt+enter and select keyframe_rope from the list. Under the Keyvalues list, select name and enter in "rope1" and close the box. This entity may also need its position adjusted.

Select the move_rope entity again and bring up the properties box (alt+enter). Under the Keyvalues select Next KeyFrame and type in rope1. After doing this you will see a visible line inside the editor between the 2 entities. This is the size and shape of the rope.

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If you want your rope to be tight then leave the default settings of the move_rope, otherwise you must open it's properties and edit the settings. The main one is slack. This requires trial and error to get right, although it doesn't need compiling with each edit, due to the fact that you can see the rope shape in the editor.

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You can change the other settings to fit what you want and then when you compile and go in game, it should look similar to this.

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Example Map


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