Random Hostages

Man, its 5am, Ive been working on getting this as seemless as possible and ive figured it out... this is how to make all your hostages appear randomly each round in new locations... it will force the cops to search the building looking for them... instead of just rushing to the same spot each round, this adds some teamplay elements.

level of difficulty 5/10

What you do first is create a location u want the hostages. this doesnt mattter where it is, since we are going to randomize their spawn later. just put a hostie anywhere for now. with hostage_entity.

select the hostage_entity and turn off smart edit. then, add a new entry, keyname:targetname value:hostage1. then, go to each location on your map where u want hosties and create a point_teleport entry. set entity to teleport to hostage1. name each of the point_teleport entry, "teleport1" teleport2, etc...

Create a logic_case. call it teleport_case. go to outputs, and add a new output:

"My output named" : "OnCase01"
"Target Entities Named" : "teleport1"
"Via this input" : "teleport"

Create an output for the rest of the point_teleport entries, use OnCase2, OnCase3, etc.

Finally create a logic_auto entity. Create a new output with the following options:

"My output named" : "OnMapSpawn"
"Target Entities Named" : "teleport_case"
"Via this input" : "PickRandom"

now, each round your hosties will appear randomly amongst the teleport points you scattered around your map. sit back and listen to noobs rush teh hosties only to find they are being held in another room! wooot


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