Assault Cameras

This is a tutorial on creating security cameras like from Counter Strikes
Assault map for use in Counter Strike: Source.

This tutorial will use 4 entities: "info_player_terrorist", "info_target", "point_viewcontrol" and "func_rot_button".

If starting from scratch or testing this idea, create a hollowed cube about 256 units high and wide.

## Creating The Camera

In one corner place an object of any kind, create an "info_player_terrorist" in the diagonaly opposite corner then above the players start a little way (say 20 units from head), create a "point_viewcontrol" and name this "sec_cam1", set the "pitch yaw roll" to point to at the object you created in the opposite corner.

Then create an "info_target" at the center of the object you want to be looking at and name it "sec_cam1_tar".

Bring the properties of the "point_viewcontrol" up again and set the "Entity to Look At" to "sec_cam1_tar".

## Creating Button to View from Camera

Lets create a basic button, this tutorial will be updated later to incoperate using a screen shot from the camera to use on the screen.

First create just a plain box (any texture u can replace this or modify placing and shape later) about (32 x 32) on the ground in front of the players start, then box still selected press "Ctrl + T" to turn this into an entity.

You should then set the box to have an entity name of "func_rot_button", name it "sec_cam1_screen", set the "Distance" to 0. Then click on the tab "Outputs" and click "Add", enter these values for the first of two:

My Output Named: OnIn
Target Entities Named: sec_cam1
Via This Input: Enable

Now to create the second Output:

My Output Named: OnIn
Target Entities Named: sec_cam1
Via This Input: Disable

The following flags need to be checked:

Use Activates


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