When you use info_doddetect entity, you are allowed to change the respawn times and beginning commands of the map to fit the situation. If you had a map that is smaller than other maps and needs a delay in the respawn times, this will be a great entity to use to balance your maps. You can create this entity by pressing the <!-- s:entity_tool: --><img src="https://www.interlopers.net/forum/images/smilies/entity_tool.jpg" alt=":entity_tool:" title="entity_tool" /><!-- s:entity_tool: --> and click anywhere inside the map on the grid and press enter. Then, type in info_doddetect in your Class category.

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In the image above you see 5 different categories. You should notice that you can alternate both axis and allies spawn times differently. I suggest you keep these categories the same because it may make the map balanced In the example above I chose to have no delay.

Changing the start round commands may allow the player to understand what he needs to accomplish. If the command says that you should capture the flags then it should be expected that the player will do so. Changing the commands should only be helpful if you are changing the gameplay. For example, if the allies need to capture all the axis flags in a certain amount of time and the axis can not capture the flags back, then you should set the axis command to timed defend and the allies command to timed attack.

You may have noticed that you can start disabled, this should be helpful if you want the respawn time to change as soon as the axis capture a certain capture point or destroy an object. You may want to look into input/output triggers BEFORE you attempt to do this.

I hope this tutorial has helped.

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