Expensive Fog

We will be producing this effect:

news post image

This is very easy technique, using a fog_controller & func_dustcloud, make sure you drag a brush over the intended area for the func_dustcloud.

Apply the func_dustcloud to a "nodraw brush"

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The stats for the func_dustcloud are

Particles per second= 500
Min particle size = 100
Max particles size= 200

And don't touch any of the other settings for the func_dustcloud

Now the fog_controller

Just add the fog_controller and set active= yes

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And that should about do it you should be ready to compile your map and run it..

Also can be used to make a nice ground fog by lowering the dustcloud in height.

news post image

Just lower the size of the particles to:

Min particle size = 50
Max particles size= 75

And lower the brush size to about 2 feet and move the brush about 2/3 under the ground leaving 1/3 above the ground to give the effect of ground fog.

I hope this helps


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