DoD Landmines

Hey everyone. This is my first tutorial that I have poster here. I hope it helps everyone that needs it and hopefully I will have more coming soon.

Today, we are going to be learning how to make cool little landmines for Day of Defeat: Source.

1- First of all, You need to have a map to make it in. Either make a small, example map or open an existing map and pick a spot where you want there to be a landmine.

2- After you decide where you landmine is going to be, click the entity tool and select the entity called "env_explosion"

You'll need to change some of the perameters on this entity, like the name, so change the following.

Name: Mine1
Magnitude: I used 200, put you can play around. I just wanted to make sure it killed the person.

The other properties you can play around with if you want. You can also play around with the flags for it to get a better mine-looking explosion, but for simplicities sake, I just kept them all on default.

3- Now you'll need to select the brush tool and, using the texture "trigger", make a brush right off the ground around the env_explosion entity, like so...

news post image

*Make sure the env_explosion is as close to the ground as possible, but not actually touching the ground.

4- highight the trigger brush, and tie it to the entity "trigger_once"
You can name it if you want, but you don't have to. Now, go to outputs for the trigger, and make a new output that looks like this...

news post image

Output named: OnStartTouch
Target Entity: Mine1
Via this Output: Explode
Check Fire only once

5- That should be your landmine. If you want, you can add extra's like smoke, fire, or debris.

Now, if you want to make it reset after a time so you can make it go off more than once a round, this is how you do that.

-First of all, you have to change the trigger_once entity to a trigger_multiple entity.
-In the output for the trigger, uncheck "fire only once"
-In the properties for the trigger, add a number to "delay before reset" This is the number of seconds before the land mine will be able to be set off again. it should be at least a minute, I think.
-Last thing, you have to go to the flags for the env_explosion and check "repeatable"

That's it, I hope everyone can get it to work without too much trouble.

Example Map


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