Large Map Downloads

"The server is running my map fine but clients get 'missing BSP' message??"

I write this after spending an entire evening trying to figure out the above problem; why my custom map, whilst seemingly perfect in every way, totally refused to download to clients from my clans server, giving them a 'missing bsp' message.

To cut a long story short, the default config settings that the source dedicated server ships with will only allow files up to 16meg in size to be uploaded to clients. If you have a map larger than this (typically if you have bspzipped your custom content into the map) then you will need the server to set the net_maxfilesize cvar to a value greater than the size of your map in megabytes.

There are two ways to do this:

Add a text file in with your map instructing the server operator installing the map to change their server.cfg and set net_maxfilesize = >yourmapsize.

Add a logic_auto and point_servercommand to your map to automatically change the net_maxfilesize whenever your map is played

Needless to say, whilst the first option is probably easier, the second is far better in the grand scheme of things in that it requires no in-depth knowledge of server administration on the part of the person installing your map.

To use this second method in your map add the following two entities anywhere inside it.



Give the point_servercommand a name, for this example I will use "set_download_size".

Then under the outputs tab on the logic_auto fill in the following information.

My output named:  

Target entities named: 
set_download_size  (the name of my point_servercommand)

Via this input:

With a parameter override of:
net_maxfilesize XX (where XX is a value larger than the total size of your BSP)

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Once the above is set up re-compile/bspzip your map and the job's a good 'un. Every time you map is loaded on the server the net_maxfilesize will be set high enough to allow clients to download it.


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