Other Tutorials

Compiling Props for Source
A detailed topic on compiling props to be ready for Source.
Configure Hammer for Empires mod
Setup Hammer Editor for Empires Mod use.
Create Realistic Sky Boxes
Make your own realistic sky-boxes with VUE6 Infinite.
Creating a Detail.VBSP
Explains what it is and how to make your own.
HL2 Skyname
A list of all the skies available in Half-Life 2 with images of each.
Loading SP maps in MP
Clue is in the name, read on.
Main Menu Music
Many Source mods use music on their menu screen and thankfully so can you.
Preventing 'Bad Inline Model' Errors
A look at how to fix the 'Bad Inline Model' error.
Random Sprite Placement
Put plant sprites on your own textures.
Realism in Maps
Some tips on making sure your map fits into a realistic setting.