Scripting Tutorials

Antlion Rush
Create a stream of Ant Lions to storm an area continuously.
Combine Door Kick
Have a metrocop kick open a door and start firing at you.
Combine Door Weld
Make the combine weld open a door and blow it open.
Combine Dropship
Quite in-depth look at making a dropship flyover and drop off 4 soldiers who will then assault a designated point.
Faceposer Guide Part 1
The things that need to be done before creating a scene.
Faceposer Guide Part 2
Adding a soundscript and lip syncing the wav file.
Faceposer Guide Part 3
Getting your NPC actors to look and interact.
Faceposer Guide Part 4
Mastering gestures.
Falling Utility Pole
Make a pole fall to the ground.
Father Grigori
How to use the overweight hero from Ravanholm.
Gunship Paths
Shows you how to setup a gunship to follow a designated route.
Manage events in entity setups
Setting up an entity system to manage map events and logical states.
Looks at setting up our favourite cop. Explains how to make him shove the player also.
Metrocop Shooting Flare
Get a Metrocop to shoot a flare into the sky.
NPC Act Busy
The very useful abilty to make your NPCs look busy.
Rappelling Combine
Make a combine slide down a rope and give the player hell.
The bread and butter of SP level design, takes you through a basic script.
The almighty strider explained.
Sweeping Vortigaunt
Create the sweeping voriguant slave from the intro levels.