Miscellaneous Tutorials

Alternate Zombies in Your Mod
How to add more than one type of 'classic' zombie to your mod.
Batch Files
Create automated batch files for compiling your map.
Coding a Basic Leaning System
This is a basic tutorial on how to code a leaning system.
Coding a new weapon
Adding your own weapon isn't all that hard.
Custom Menu
Add your very own backgrounds into your modification.
Custom Music
Learn to bring your own music in-game.
Custom Text & Fonts
Edit on screen text and also learn how to edit the fonts used in the menus and game.
Detailed Guide to Modifying Weapons
Insanely detailed guide on modifying weapons.
Expert Compile
Learn to use the full potential of your compile tools.
Flashlight that Requires Batteries
Altering the flashlight to require batteries.
HL2 Mod Setup
Set up your own Half-Life 2 modification.
Large Map Downloads
Allow servers to download large map files to your computer without hassle.
Understanding .VMF Files
earn to write and modify your custom VMF files under notepad.
Using WinBSPzip
Allows you to compile Valve Texture Files (VTF) into your BSP map file through an easy GUI.