Modelling Tutorials

Cinematic Physics In 3DS Max Part 1
Realistic Valve-like cinematic physics
Cinematic Physics In XSI Part 1
Creating cinematic physics, similar to those seen in Half-Life 2 : Episode 2.
Compiling LOD models
Compiling a prop with the $lod command.
Compiling models through ConTEXT
How to see studiomdl.exe error messages after compiling.
Creating a .QC File
Taking you through the process of compiling your model.
Easy Ambient Occlusion maps
Creating Ambient Occlusion maps for models using a simple tool
Modelling Theory
An in-depth look at the finer points of modelling.
Newbies guide to modelling in 3DSMax
Learn the basic of 3D Studio Max.
Re-scaling Models
A guide on how to do it without actually editing the model, almost magic.
Re-skinning a Counter-Strike: Source Model
Editing player skins for CS: Source (applicable to other source games).
Re-Skinning Models
A very detailed tutorial on the re-skinning process.
Switching Animations Between Models
Learn how to switch the Fast Zombie animations to one of the Citizen models.
Table Model - Part 1
The first part in creating a table, this covers the basic construction.
Table Model - Part 2
The second part follows on and covers UV mapping.
UV Mapping
Learn about UV mapping and it's applications.