Texture Creation Tutorials

Alpha Channel Textures
Alpha Channel is the fancy name for see through parts of a texture, like girders or a fence.
Artificial Rock Texture
A step by step on creating a rock/terrain texture.
Base Texture Creation
These are the basic textures created before details are added, in this case metal.
Base Texture Creation 2
Same as above but with wood.
Creating Decals
Decals are still cool, so learn how to make your own.
Creating Paint Alpha 1
We have two guides on creating Paint Alpha, this being the first.
Creating Paint Alpha 2
And this one being the other guide.
Creating Reflective Textures
How to get your texture to shine with the cubemaps applied to it.
Ground Textures
It can be very hard to get textures to tile, especially when you use them on the ground. Have it explained here.
Normal and Specular maps with CrazyBump
Use CrazyBump to generate Normal / Specular maps for the Source Engine
Normal Map
A guide to what Normal Map is and how to apply it to your textures.
Normal Map 2
Similar guide but goes into more detail about getting the Normal Map into the Source Engine.
Refracting Textures
Sexy shader effects.
Room Patterns
Some texture considerations for rooms.
Snow Effect on Textures
Altering a texture to have a snow or frost effect.
Switchable Textures
Creating textures that can change state, very useful.
Texture Patterns
Taking a texture and tiling it using Photoshop.
Texture Studies
An article based guide on the aesthetics of real photos that can be used as textures.
Texture Variation
A short but sweet look at making sure your textures are used correctly in terms of their look.
TF2 Style Textures From Photos
Create a TF2 style texture based on a real image or photo.
Transparent Texture Shadows
Allowing transparent textures to project shadows, for example a wire fence.
Transparent Textures
How to create textures that have transparent properties to them.
Using Nemesis' VTF Plugin
A nice easy look at using a GUI tool to create textures.