Getting Started

If you're completely new to level design then this page should help by sending you in the direction of some useful beginner resources.

Understanding Hammer
The first thing you should do is get used to your tools, you can find the complete overview of Hammer 4.0 at this link.
Video tutorials
Right here at Interlopers we have couple of video walkthroughs that should get you from nothing to in game. The top 4 tutorials will be of great use.
Complete Beginner Tutorial
This tutorial published at EditLife really breaks it down for the complete novice, a recommended read.
Modelling Tutorials
If you are also looking to dive into the modelling side then this set of tutorials courtesy of iwannamap should get you a solid start.
Ask a question
We have a bustling help forum here relating to all aspects of modding, so feel free to ask. But make sure you try searching for your query first just in case it has been asked already.