Video Tutorials

Video tutorials require XviD codec to run.

You will also require 7-zip.

Beginners Video Guide

This section is dedicated to those level designers who are brand new to the editing process. These 4 fully narrated videos will take you through creating your first room, adding some interactivity and then playing it in HL2.

Part One (11MB)
Overview of the Hammer interface and using the Brush tool to create a basic and featureless box room.
Part Two (15MB)
How to use the Texture Application tool to select and apply various textures to the room surfaces.
Part Three (19MB)
Adding player and weapon entities via the Entity Tool and including props such as light fixtures and barrels.
Part Four (16MB)
Converting your map into the BSP format via the compile process. A look at what leaks are and how to solve them is also covered.

Other Videos

3D Skybox (25MB)
Looks at the theory and the most efficient way of creating the Skybox geometry.
Arches (11MB)
Creating an 8 sided arch with Carve and Vertex Tool use.
Assault (14MB)
Using the Assault entities to move an NPC soldier from one point to another whilst engaging enemies. Trigger setup and Input/Outputs are also used.
Connecting Two Rooms (43MB)
Using a corridor to connect two square rooms. Also covers using the Clip tool, the Vertex tool and adding usable prop doors.
Curved Corners (10MB)
Using the Arch Tool to create a curved join between two brushes at right angles.
Displacement (20MB)
Explanation of terrain creation with the Displacement tool. Covers Paint Alpha, Smoothing, Sewing and Destroying.
Math Counter (7MB)
Triggering an event after a set amount of enemy NPC's have been killed by the player.
Modelling Basics (38MB)
Introduction to the 3D Studio Max interface and basic model creation.
Scripted Sequence (28MB)
Adding a citizen NPC and using a Scripted Sequence entity to make them walk and open a door. Entity Input/Output system is also explained as well as using trigger entities.
VisGroups (10MB)
Covers hiding existing entity groups and creating your own VIS groups.
Water (8MB)
Setting up a pool of water in a square room. Cubemap and LOD control entities are also used.